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  • [News] Congratulations!!! New Office in Dongguan Was Built Up

    The shiny orange new reception background of new office in Donguan was finished and built up finally today, which symbolizes the further development of our company- Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd. For over 10 years, NailSticker have been keeping a faith and making strenuous efforts to expend our business and develop producing craft with bring-in technology for high quality nail stickers, temporary tattoos, rhinestone stickers, decorative stickers, etc.For becoming more competitive, we have been trying to creat innovative product for our customers, such as fruit scented stickers, color changing stickers, neon nail stickers, glow in the dark stickers, etc. We hope to give user a new impression on nail sticker and make life funny as well. NailSticker is able to offer nail tools, manicure set to customers.If you are interested in nail art product, please contact us without hesitation.
  • [News] About Nailsticker

    Established in 2002, Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional nail beauty products manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing, and distributing full range of decorative/cosmetics stickers such as nail stickers, temporary tattoos,rhinestone stickers, manicure tools, holiday/promotional gift sets, make-up and bath products, and fashion accessories. NailSticker maintains convenient transportation access with 2-hour-drive to both Guangzhou and HongHong, and owns one factory (1000 m²) in Dongguan City and one sub-company (Tintark International Co.,LTD) in HongKong. Also, we have two oversea offices in California, US and London, UK.Nowadays, NailSticker products are extensively applied for cosmetics, toys, beauty accessories, gifts and promotion functions. Thanks to 10 years R&D experience plus 68 well trained and treated employees, NailSticker can produce 500,000 sets of nail stickers and 800,000 sets of temporary tattoos per month with our advanced Heidelberg Printing Machines and other high standard equipments. In addition, NailSticker proudly gains the capability to customize different sizes and shapes according to customers’ requirements of individual designs or designated materials. Moreover, NailSticker updates the technologies rapidly and experts in providing design service for clients, especially for the distributors and wholesalers. Retailers are also welcome to contact NailSticker because we always keep competitive products in stock.In order to maintain the quality competitive advantages, NailSticker manufactures strictly under scientific quality control system. Our factory has passed the ISO9001:2008 certificate while the products have passed the test of CA#65, CPSIA, EN71-3, FDA (including 16P, 19 heavy metals, Microbial Contamination, TRA, MSDS). Besides, NailSticker only adopts eco-friendly materials and advanced processing technologies to assure products safety and quality standard thus we can provide CE, ISO, ROHs and MSDS certifications by requirements.Prompt & Considerate Service is a promise from NailSticker: Upon receipt of new inquiries, NailSticker would reply within 1 working day. Upon receipt of the finished artworks, NailSticker would complete proofs and samples within 2 weeks. Upon receipt of official approval of the proofs, NailSticker would complete the production and deliver the products within 3-4 weeks.As we have been always providing clients with high quality products, competitive offers as well as satisfactory services, NailSticker has been enjoying good partnership with hundreds of clients from Europe, North America and Oceania. NailSticker is sincerely looking forward to proving that we are the best partner for your growth.
  • [News] Lavender Scented Sticker & Tattoo

    Romantic Scratch & Sniff Scented of LavenderTattoos Body Art Tattoos Stickers One day, I received a customer request from Skype in the middle night. He asked ifwe could make the lavender scented tattoos in urgent. We treasured the opportunity, took a quick action and made it in 3 days. My customerwas very satisfied with the samples and issued order accordingly. I was so excited and encouraged because this was my firstorder since I have been in this company. Don´t give up. You know what they say, no pain no gain. Herewith, I would like to thanks all Nailsticker team's support to make it happen. Thanksfor customer's trust The scented stickers & tattoos release fragrance when rubbing. It is very easy and convenient to use. Clean and dry skin, tear off the top sheet of nail sticker/tattoo, Put a wet cloth or water on it for about 30seconds or until it's completed saturated, finally peel off the base material. Lavender Scented Sticker & Tattoo: There are two ways of releasing scent from nail sticker & tattoos. One is that scent itself remaining on the surface of nail/tattoo stickers and keeping long lasting. The another one is that the scent releasing only by rubbing Different kinds of scented nail stickers & face tattoos are available tochoose.
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