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Congratulations!!! New Office in Dongguan Was Built Up
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The shiny orange new reception background of new office in Donguan was finished and built up finally today, which symbolizes the further development of our company- Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd. For over 10 years, NailSticker have been keeping a faith and making strenuous efforts to expend our business and develop producing craft with bring-in technology for high quality nail stickers, temporary tattoos, rhinestone stickers, decorative stickers, etc. 

For becoming more competitive, we have been trying to creat innovative product for our customers, such as fruit scented stickers, color changing stickers, neon nail stickers, glow in the dark stickers, etc. We hope to give user a new impression on nail sticker and make life funny as well. NailSticker is able to offer nail tools, manicure set to customers.

If you are interested in nail art product, please contact us without hesitation.

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